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Thanks for making the Traditional Chinese localization, visual is really lovely! Looking forward to the release version!


Saw this in last year's Wholesome Direct but only just got round to playing the demo and was blown away! The pixel art is gorgeous and I loved helping people around town. Can't wait for the full release! :)

Saw this in the Wholesome Direct; very intriguing premise fueled by the light puzzle elements. I'm looking forward to whatever direction the narrative takes


Thank you so much!

Hello, i report you a bug, i cant see the text when people are speaking. there is only the black text ballon :/

Thanks for report a bug! :) i’ll look into it to fix it. i’d be grateful if you could tell me your OS version.

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Unfortunately, we couldn't reproduce this bug on our PC...😭
If anyone else sees the same bug, please contact us on this forum or

I really enjoyed this gave it was fun to just sit down and play it made my pea brain think but it wasn't too hard which i like the art style is cute and eye catching i cant wait to see what you do with the full game.

Thanks a lot!!

Lovely visuals and a story that is... quite intriguing. I liked it, the only issue with the demo was the apparently time slowdown in certain sections. Looking forward to more, keep up the good work! :)


thank you for playing!