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"All alone in this pitch black world, the only thing I can do is to chase after the hints of humanity that remain"

Where my spaceship crash landed was a slightly peculiar, but otherwise seemingly normal town. Even in the middle of the night, the residents carry on with their ordinary lives, unhindered by the darkness.

Recolit is a pixel art mystery adventure game where you explore a strange town by following the trails of "light".

Help out the mysterious residents of the town by using items illuminated by the "light" to progress through the story.



  • Z - Take item, Use item, Decide, etc.
  • X - Put item, Cancel, etc.
  • C - Toggle collection menu
  • Arrow - Movement

Xbox Controller

  • B - Take item, Use item, Decide, etc.
  • A - Put item, Cancel, etc.
  • Y - Toggle collection menu
  • Left Stick - Movement



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Recolit_trial_mac_en_0.3.3.zip 55 MB
Recolit_trial_win_en_0.3.3.zip 54 MB
Recolit_trial_mac_ja_0.3.3.zip 55 MB
Recolit_trial_win_ja_0.3.3.zip 54 MB


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Saw this in the Wholesome Direct; very intriguing premise fueled by the light puzzle elements. I'm looking forward to whatever direction the narrative takes

Hello, i report you a bug, i cant see the text when people are speaking. there is only the black text ballon :/

Thanks for report a bug! :) i’ll look into it to fix it. i’d be grateful if you could tell me your OS version.

(1 edit)

Unfortunately, we couldn't reproduce this bug on our PC...😭
If anyone else sees the same bug, please contact us on this forum or uimss.imagelabo@gmail.com.

I really enjoyed this gave it was fun to just sit down and play it made my pea brain think but it wasn't too hard which i like the art style is cute and eye catching i cant wait to see what you do with the full game.

Thanks a lot!!

Lovely visuals and a story that is... quite intriguing. I liked it, the only issue with the demo was the apparently time slowdown in certain sections. Looking forward to more, keep up the good work! :)


thank you for playing!