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This is a Awesome game! But can you put a Indonesian language?

Awesome creative game! I love the idea of taking items and making them match melodies and sounds!

A very sweet and relaxing game to conclude the night! <3

Very nice.


It was such a sweet and simple game.

The game is cute with lovely art And touchable music
however, It lacks the meaning and I am unable to understand the point of the story

but i enjoyed the game

very touching and probably changed a little the course of my life. fallowing the creators to see more good content like this one <3

this was cute and fun <3

This was a really fun short experience! Truly, short melodies can stay with you forever.

Before anything, my compliments to the designers!
Different sounds when walking on shallow water !!! <3 my gosh.
The 3 frame animation even when sitting still is wonderful. It gives the character a soft emphasis. You can feel they are alive even when standing still.
The game's transition works very well. Unlike many Unity games, the transition going to lighthouse doesn't take too long.

Going to the lighthouse and waiting a while before sounding the flute was very enjoyable. I wonder if the piano sounds when you make the correct sounds are part of the game's story, but that's the beauty.
The ocean is very beautiful. However, the sound is too calm compared to the animation of the ocean's fast waves.
At the third day, I managed to make the sound on the first try. It made me feel that maybe I'm good at something.
Disaster clearly strikes on the fourth day. I experienced my first failure here, but strangely it wasn't terrible. Be frustrated, and then try again.
I guess real life failure isn't so painful afterall. I'll try again soon.

I also wondered,
Does the child do anything else after going down the light house? What is their home life like?
That's probably not important or interesting. What's important is that they keep going to the ocean day after day, returning the call of another being. When there is no one to return to, the child hopes it will come again soon.

Maybe it will. <3

Time to cooldown and relax, this game is very chill and It sadness me, almost make me cry at the end but I hold it lol
10/10 will talk to random person across the ocean again..

Hey! I'm a professional English<> Brazilian Portuguese translator looking to expand my services into the game localization industry. I would love to translate this game for free in exchange for the permission to add it to my portfolio. Let me know if you're interested!


The art of the game is quite adorable and cute, visually pleasing along with the calming sounds of the waves in the background. The main difficulty is being able to isolate the sounds in the mind to try to replicate them and at least with a not very trained ear it is not so easy, even though it was a fun puzzle.

What was it that produced the sound beyond the sea? We don't know but I want to think that it was someone who expected the owner of the small house to respond, a sample of life to calm the heart in times of uncertainty. I don't know if by playing the whole song he understood that we were not the owner of the house or maybe he was convinced that it was okay, but I imagine that once he had an answer, his heart calmed down and therefore it was no longer necessary to keep trying to do Contact.

It's funny how the game is about replicating something and one theme that it seems to handle in the end is memory, there are experiences that once in a lifetime enjoyed in childhood and one tries to return to them, sometimes the memories are blurry and one doesn't know what he is looking for but he knows he has not seen or heard it again, I can only think that once that infant grows up, he will probably try to replicate the song in the old tower.

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short game with an adorable art style. satisfying sound effects

This is such a beautiful game. I studied music so it really resonated (lol) with me 🥰

If you want, I would love to offer a Portuguese a translation. 🌸

What a super cute game!! I love the sound effects you can create and the art is wonderful!! Yep, it's worth the short game play, just wish there were more challenges.


I am in love with the visual...

The game is really interesting and  chill ~ 


Loved the asthetics of the game! If you have any future projects in mind please consider me as a programmer :D would love to work on such beatiful and calming experiences

check my published games, please :)


cute game . i loved.

you should make children's books!  The atmosphere was very calming and homey.

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Peaceful, with a sweet underlying tension. I'm glad I played this!

Short review posted on Mastodon:
Resonance of the Ocean is a short digital adventure game in which you collect objects to create sounds matching what you hear from across the ocean. The graphics are handdrawn and look pleasing, the sounds are soothing, and there's a soft tension in the mystery of the sounds. It's a downloadable game for Windows and takes about 10-30 minutes to play.

Amazing game with amazing art and music. Fantastic work!

This was an  lovely absolutely way to start my day. Thank you so much

Þis is lovely.

I love it!

A lot of fun!


Honestly a really enriching experience!! I had trouble with the final combination, for one reason or another, but, regardless, this is a very relaxing, oddly comforting, strangely lonely experience. Overall, very much worth playing....!! My own favorite part is the melody that plays after you've finished each day; it's genuinely really quite beautiful in all its forms.

Thank you for making this game!!


a lovely and gentle game that makes me feel lonely after playing it.

Thank you for this beautiful game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:

Can this be translated into Korean

Nice game, very relaxing.

Looks like a fun game. Downloading it.


Cool Game


didn't have time to make a good thumbnail but........

i really enjoyed this game, I've been playing alot of horror games and i needed a brake so this game was just the right think for me but i did start to suspect that this game is also i horror game but that was just in my head, thank you Image Labo for making is  awesome game and keep up the good work, oh and i might amke a video on ur other game in the future


Beautiful! Had a lot of fun playing it

I'm sure its a wonderful game but I had trouble opening it , something about extracting file ? anyone have any ideas about that I'm it just me not knowing how to electronic .


Oh, I think you have to extract it first. You can do that by clicking on the ".zip" file once, and then right clicking it. While hovering over the "send to" property, you can press ".zip". This will make both the data, and the ".exe" that reads the data in the same place. if you just double click the ".zip" file, and then the ".exe", you would be isolating the ".exe" without its data. That's why you need to extract the ".zip".

Hope I was helpful!

Beautiful little game! Loved the art and sound design!


It was such a sweet simple game. I loved playing every second of it. reading the litte notes made me so intrigued in the story. thank you!

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