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It was such a sweet simple game. I loved playing every second of it. reading the litte notes made me so intrigued in the story. thank you!

Nice! :D

Love it!!!

The art is cute and the sound effect is nice! Love it!

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I loved it!

cute art style with crisp line art and pastel colours, the game's main mechanic of trying to get the right sound was fun to mess around as all the sounds were pleasant to the ears. The game's world was pretty interesting with the marks left behind by what I assume to be people who were here before the player character, I'm also curious to see what's to the east of the playable section of the island.

English localization was pretty good, though I think the message on swapping items should be changed from:

"Replace [new item] with [current item]"


"Replace [current item] with [new item]"

just for grammar, its not a big deal ^^

I'll be sure to buy the extra content soon too.


Thank  for playing!

And I really appreciate you telling me about the English localization issue. I'll try to fix that soon!

Good game

love it love it love it. the art, the music, just the game as a whole. it kinda reminds me of a studio ghibli movie

Very cool!?

What a lovely little game. The art, music, and story were all written beautifully.

the art... and the sounds.... it's a beautiful game indeed

I hope that you will find the sound agai

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This was a beautiful game. It was a nice calm game to play through!

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LITTERALLY FANTASTIC!!! at the end i've cryed. the game is medium-easy but it's the most beautiful game,also if is simple. I LOVE IT <333

I ended up crying that we may never hear the sound again because the game had ended <3

I had a really good time with this game! the calmness and the visuals really brought me in! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here!

This is a really nice game.

This game is super relaxing and beautiful. I loved every second of it.

This is a very beautiful game, the sound puzzles feel like how the children get to learn their first reasonings with sound and timbers. It would be awesome to have this game going further on with more and more music and sound languages, while maintaining the game aspect. Great art, music and text. This island somewhat reminded me the classic game MYST with its otherworldly landscapes and exploration.

Stay safe, cheers from Brazil.

superbe création!!

this is a really awesome game that is easy to understand but still can provide a challenge. It is simple, but also really deep the more you look into it. This is an awesome game with a wonderful art style!

Cute game!!

looks great!

man the game gives hints that theres dead bodies buried, who was there before the main character

This is a really nice idea, and it looks and sounds gorgeous too. What a lovely game!

This was so beautifully made! The concept was simple and easy to understand. The visuals were breathtaking. 

I only wish there was a little more context on the backstory aspect of it. 


Very cute little sound-based puzzle game, visually charming and very nicely animated.  I absolutely adored it.  Thank you for making this.

stunning little piece to generously offer for free. I hope you make a bit on the extras

Beautiful! 🥰❤️

Very chill game

the art is cozy i like that gameplay is good too. Nice work!

Made a video


wow! beauty visual and great jobs!

thank you so much!